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Reopening during a Pandemic

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Following the Scottish Government's guidance today we reopened after 108 days in lockdown. We are extremely excited about the summer ahead, but remain acutely aware that we are still living in a pandemic which has taken the lives of over 44,000 people in the UK.

As lockdown measures ease and tourism begins again we wanted to highlight a few important things for our guests, prospective guests, and any other business owners to remember:

  • Please do not travel if you or anyone you have been in contact with has symptoms or if your local area has been placed in a local lockdown. Please instead contact us directly so we can rearrange your stay or, if you booked directly with us rather than through a third-party, organise a refund.

  • Our accommodation is always cleaned to an extremely high standard, but at this time we will be taking extra special care to fully disinfect all surfaces, both interior and exterior and will wear PPE (masks, gowns, and gloves as pictured) while we do so. 

A small selection of our cleaning products and PPE.
  • Please bring your own pillows and a sleeping bag or quilt. We will provide a fitted bottom sheet, mattress protector and if requested can provide towels, blankets, and bedding. However, due to the practicalities of washing duvets and pillows between stays we have decided it is safer for our guests to provide their own.

  • If you wish we can offer a self-check-in system by leaving the keys and (for valid stays only) complimentary Prosecco and communicating via text, email, or phone call to explain any essential information rather than meeting Annette, Charlotte, or Drew in-person.

  • Please respect other guest's space and the two-metre rule at all times. This especially applies when in the outdoor kitchen area or at the main gate into the site.

  • Please do not leave any belongings unattended in any of the communal areas, this should go without saying anyway but in a pandemic, unattended toiletries or glasses left on the picnic benches during your stay pose a health hazard to others.

  • You will be assigned an eco-toilet (sole-use/private) and shower (potentially shared) on arrival which you must use for your entire stay, please do not deviate from this.

  • Please make the most of the cleaning products and sanitizer around the site, especially if you choose to use any communal facilities, such as picnic benches (as opposed to your own unit's table and chairs).

  • If you wish to feed the lambs or collect your own eggs we will provide gloves and encourage guests to wear masks.

  • Our hot tubs will remain available to book for the 2020 season, with the exception of group bookings because we do not believe it is safe for people from different households to share a hot tub.

  • Please do not forget your mask, they are mandatory in Scotland (from the 10th July) in all shops.

  • Please provide names, addresses, email addresses, and contact numbers for each adult guest, as well as names and addresses for each child. This can either be given on booking or during your stay (we will leave contact tracing forms in huts to be filled out and left). This confidential information shall be kept on a password-protected spreadsheet and deleted after the mandatory two-month period as per Scottish Government guidelines. This information will be used for no other purposes. I hope you understand that contact tracing is important and hopefully due to the precautions we have put in place will not be necessary.

The above is based on our risk assessment and current laws. However, if you have any suggestions on measures you would like to see or have any questions about the above, please contact us via or 07962172094!

Thank you from everyone at Westcote :)

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