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pdf, and Microsoft® Office applications to learn and experiment with many aspects of electricity and electronics, including electricity measurement, electric circuits, and understanding how electricity works. Interactive game with simulated measurement experience ------------------------------------------------------ Edison 5 has a special "measurement" simulator (Figure [1](#F1){ref-type="fig"}) where students can experience the essential processes of measuring current and voltage. Students can use the simulator to learn the process of making direct or indirect current measurements, how to interpret their results, and the basics of how to read and use an ohmmeter. The process of making a direct current measurement is also simulated in the classroom, using a live model of an incandescent light bulb. Edison 5's simulation engine includes a "clicker" feature, which means that as students perform the measurements, their actions are recorded, so that when they return to the simulator in the future, they can review their previous performance. ![Screenshot of the Edison 5 simulator, demonstrating the measurement process and results.](1471-2288-13-113-1){#F1} Designing and constructing circuits ----------------------------------- Students can design and construct their own circuits using the Edison 5 simulator. Three circuit types are available in the simulation: a direct current circuit, an alternating current circuit, and a voltage detector circuit. The simulated direct current circuit enables students to make direct current measurements with an ohmmeter. The simulation also includes a simulator-generated sine wave, which can be used to demonstrate the principle of superposition. For alternating current circuits, a simple voltage generator can be used to produce a DC voltage, while a step-up transformer can be used to step-up the output voltage to the input voltage. The simulated alternating current circuit is designed in such a way that it displays the component parts of a "real" alternating current circuit so that students can follow and understand how alternating current circuits are constructed and operated. To aid students in understanding how to design an alternating current circuit, an interactive "circuit builder" is available, where students drag and drop different circuit components to build an alternating current circuit. The simulation engine also includes a simulator-generated sine wave, which can be used to demonstrate the principle of superposition. For voltage detection, a simulator-generated sine wave can be used to show the principle of superposition in voltage detection. Electrical theory ----------------- The simulator also includes a




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Free Download Edison 5 Crack destal
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